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ControlInduc®: no more overheating!

Even at maximum power, the skillet regulates the temperature (max. 250°C/485°F).

Many consumers and chefs often have problems finding the correct temperature for frying meat or fish or for making pancakes. When the food is overheated, it burns and sticks to the bottom of the pan. A product with a non-stick layer prevents the food from sticking, but at specific high temperatures, the coating will disintegrate and loose its non-stick properties.

Demeyere produced the first pans with the ControlInduc system that limits the maximum temperature to 250°C/485°F using induction cookers. Even at full power, the skillet will regulate the cooking temperature. These products are available with non-stick coating (ControlInduc Granite) or without coating (ProControl).

Up to +/- 220°C/425°F, the product with the ControlInduc system will heat up normally, as any other pan would, but above that temperature the transmitting energy of the inductors will gradually decrease and stabilize somewhere between 245°C/475°F and 250°C/485°F. Then, it automatically adjusts itself as to how much power is required to keep this temperature and also to compensate for any heat lost in the air or the food.