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Thermolon™ Granite

Thermolon Granite is not just a non-stick coating: it is a healthy and environment-friendly alternative to traditional non-stick coatings. Thermolon Granite is PTFE-free, PFOA is not used as a raw material, it does not release toxic gases when frying at high temperatures and is extremely resistant to overheating. For the production of this new non-stick coating technology – compared to traditional non-stick coatings – twice as little energy is required, resulting in a 60% reduction of CO2 emissions. The ceramic coating has a noticeably higher heat-resistance and combines perfect non-stick properties with ease of use.

Frying delicate ingredients

The excellent non-stick properties of Thermolon Granite and the optimal heat conduction of the Demeyere technology, make the pans with this non-stick coating ideal for quickly frying ‘delicate’ products such as fresh foie gras, delicate fish types (such as monkfish), scallops etc. Also delicate vegetables, such as wood mushrooms, can be perfectly sautéed with a little bit of fat.


The combination of a Demeyere pan that has excellent heat conduction and an ecologically responsible and high-quality non-stick coating makes the Demeyere pans with Thermolon Granite a product that should not be missing in your kitchen. You will be saving both energy and the environment.

Some maintenance and user tips for products with non-stick coating