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ControlInduc: no more overheating!

Frying is always done at a temperature between 170C/335F and 230C/450F. Beyond 250C/485F, butter and oil overheat and the food starts to be carbonized. To avoid these risks, Demeyere produced the first pans and woks equipped with ControlInduc, a safety system that limits the maximum temperature to 250C/485F on induction cookers.

Until about 220C/425F, a product equipped with ControlInduc heats normally as all the other pans, but above this temperature the power of the inductors progressively diminishes and stabilizes between 245C/475F and 250C/485F. When, for example, one puts cold or raw food in the pan, such as a piece of meat or some pancake dough, the pan re-cools and the power of the inductor automatically augments without the intervention of the user. And even if one forgets a pan during its time on the induction plate it does not overheat.

A plate heated at induction needs magnetic material in the base of the recipient to create heat. Without this magnetic material (for example in case of copper, aluminium), the recipient placed on the inductor does not heat up. The material that Demeyere uses in the external layer of the ControlInduc products possesses some very special properties. It acts like a single superalloy which keeps its magnetism until 250C/485F. Beyond this temperature, this material loses its magnetic properties and demands the induction plate to diminish its power. When one puts cold food in the pan the temperature of the pan base lowers and the magnetism returns. As a consequence, the power of the induction plate goes up again. The used material never loses its exceptional properties even after years of use.

Important points

ControlInduc is a system of safety. The intensity of the plates must still always be adapted to the process of cooking and to the ingredients used. ControlInduc prevents only overheating.

Never use sharp objects in a pan with non-stick coating. Today exist a number of synthetic material products which do not risk damaging the non-stick coating.

To keep the non-stick properties in tip-top shape, simply clean the pan with a little detergent and a soft cloth. Never use a scourer or abrasive products. We also advise you never to clean the pan in the dishwasher.

When used in a professional environment Control-Induc avoids loss of heating time and works so that the pan stays always hot without the risk of overheating.

The ControlInduc products have cast handles of stainless steel and are available in two editions:

ControlInduc Granite: multilayer material to the edge (3 3,3 mm/0.12 0.13) with special alloy, with Thermolon Granite non-stick coating, Silvinox surface treatment.

ControlInduc: multilayer material to the edge (3 3,3 mm/0.12 0.13) with special alloy, without non-stick coating, Silvinox surface treatment.