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The Maxigrill is a very versatile baking tray with a large diameter. It is perfectly suitable for frying eggs, pancakes or bacon and can also be used to grill meat, fish, tofu or vegetables. It also serves as a tray or oyster plate. Last but not leased, it is the ultimate teppanyaki tray.

The Maxigrill is made of 18/10 stainless steel with a high-gloss finish (Brinox). The welded stainless steel handles prevent the accumulation of dirt or leftovers and guarantee hygienic cooking. All products from Demeyere are dishwasher-resistant and suitable for intensive, professional or semi-professional use.

The Demeyere Maxigrill can be used in the oven and on all types of cookers, induction included. By using the unique TriplInduc material, you can change heat sources without having to sacrifice efficiency.