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Ref. Description
9900 ring frame for use on gasburner or for table use (for all woks ° 32cm/12,6" et ° 36cm/14,2")
9901 half moon insert for wok ° 32cm/12,6''
9909 half moon insert for wok ° 36cm/14,2''
7532 high domed lid, silvinox surface treatment, with steam escape, for wok ° 32cm/12,6"
7536 high domed lid, high gloss finish (brinox), with stainless steel knob, for wok ° 36cm/14,2"
9906 steaming rack for wok ° 32cm/12,6"
9908 steaming rack for wok ° 36cm/14,2"
9902 wok spatula, ideal for stir frying