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Ref. Description
5511 upper handle
5501 silicone seal
5508 pressure indicator with spring
5512 lower part handle
9397 steam basket
5504 trivet
5502 valve (si)
5506 valve housing cap
5505 valve seal
5507 valve caps
5503 counter nut
5509 spring for indicator
5510 complete valve

Pressure cooker accessories


The steam basket (ref. 9397) with handle and tripod allows you to steam food very quickly. Place the tripod on the bottom of the pressure-cooker (no stand). Now position the steam basket. Bellow, you can prepare another dish or vegetables (at two levels).

Using spare parts other than those from Demeyere could be damaging and unfavourable for the safety of your pressure cooker. Demeyere cannot verify alternative accessories on the market. Only use Demeyere parts.