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Excalibur® coating

The Excalibur non stick coating has very good non stick properties and is very strong. Excalibur is based on an additional hard layer of stainless steel between the stainless steel of the pan and the Teflon layer. It is much harder than the traditional non stick layers (based on an aluminium intermediate layer) but not suitable for the use of knife and fork. The four steps in the Excalibur coating process are:

1. The surface is roughened first to provide better adhesion of the other components of the coating process.

2. Then comes the most important part: glowing hot particles of a special stainless steel are sprayed over the rough surface.

3. The particles cool down, toughen and adhere to the surface. They form a series of “peaks and valleys” that are a permanent base for the non stick layer.

4. Different layers of hard fluorpolymers fill the valleys and cover the tops and are constantly kept in place by the special stainless steel “tops”.