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Correct temperature setting

The DEMEYERE cooking gear has been specifically developed to include ergonomic handles of stainless steel that minimize the heat conduction. You may usually touch them with your bare hands. It is, and remains necessary to be more careful when working on a gas cooker. The source of heat must always be adjusted to the diameter of the pan so that the handles are heated as little as possible by the flame. The use of oven mitts or gloves may be required when the pot/pan is on a gas cooker. The unique characteristics of our pots/pans and the bases of the products make it possible that they may be used with low cooker intensities and still preserve the cooking-/frying temperature. When cooking or frying using lower positions, this will not only lead to better results but will of course also save energy and money, independent of the cooker. 

Start at a relatively higher setting on the cooker until the required temperature has been reached and then lower to an average or even lower level. This is especially important when using the Demeyere skillets. The special base of the pot/pan works as an accumulator of heat. This will make sure that the temperature is evenly maintained even at lower positions and guarantees a perfect distribution of heat. Thanks to this method (lid on the pan), the food may be kept warm longer, even off of the source of heat.