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Never leave highly acid foods such as mayonnaise, pure lemon, vinegar or very salty water in your pot for more than 6 hours. Very acidic or sour foods can cause unwanted discolouration in the pot if they are exposed to it for a long time.

If your recipe requires the use of salt, we always recommend that you heat the water first before adding salt. When you add salt first, the grains could affect the base slightly.

Although they can never affect the quality and functioning of your products, it is better not to use any sharp objects on our products because they, of course, can cause scratches or markings to stainless steel. It is important to bear in mind that possible scratches and marks of this nature cannot in any way affect the quality of the material and the cooking or frying capacities of these products.

The base of your Demeyere series has been specifically developed to withstand very high temperatures. Stainless steel could well discolour at temperatures that exceed 350C/660F. That's of course much higher than the normal boiling temperature of 100C/210F or the normal frying temperature of +/- 180C/360F.

For creating optimal efficiency with your Demeyere cooking gear, it is always recommended to place the pot on the appropriate ring. It should be equal or smaller to that of the base of the pan itself. (Do not take this recommendation as strictly for induction cookers as it is for other conventional gas and electrical cookers. For induction, the ring may be somewhat smaller than the diameter of the coil).

Because of the quality and the special heat distribution in the base, it should not be a problem to use Demeyere cooking gear on a smaller diameter of cooking surface than the pan itself. If this is the choice, you must give your pot some more time to heat the full base, from the centre to the side. [Attention: to avoid local overheating, please do not use frying pans of 28 cm/11" and 32 cm/12.6" on cooking rings smaller than 18 cm/7.1" and 22 cm/8.7" respectively!]

It is important to use this following basic rule while using a gas cooker: the diameter of the gas flame may never be larger than the base of the pan itself.