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  • Dishwasher detergents are becoming more and more aggressive and can affect the aluminium of the pan. For a long life we advise to wash the pan by hand and use water with detergent or washing up liquid with a soft sponge, brush or cloth. Never use bleach, abrasives or steel wool.
  • To remove persistent discolouration, leave the pan to soak filled with some hot water and normal detergent. (If necessary over night). Then clean with a soft cloth, sponge or brush.
  • To remove deposits of minerals, lime and dry coloured stains, clean your pan with some pure normal vinegar (1 to 5 tablespoons). Then wash with water and detergent. All deposits should then be removed. (Instead of vinegar, you could also use lemon juice).
  • In exceptional cases if persistent discolouration or burnt fat is present, you may also use a non abrasive silver polish or detergent for stainless steel. Although they should not appear during normal use, possible stains and discolorations will not affect the use of the pot, nor the results. Of course, it is easier to remove them directly, in order to keep your cooking gear in optimal condition. Also, you could ask your supplier for a special Demeyere cleaning product with reference 773889.