Demeyere Cookware, experience the quality, taste the difference.

Before using Demeyere products

  • Remove any labels from the pan or the product and also remove any remaining adhesives with acetone or nail polish remover. If necessary, soak the product in hot water using a mild, appropriate detergent. Rinse well. Never use bleach, abrasives or steel wool to clean Demeyere products.
  • Before first cooking use, we advise to heat up the pan using a low heat with a few tablespoons of deep frying oil (For one or two minutes, shorter for induction) and make sure the oil does not overheat. The oil should not be allowed to change colour or start smoking. (To check, throw in a small piece of bread. It should fry gently).
  • Empty the pot or pan and clean with water and detergent. Rinse well. You can now use the product normally.